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Welcome to our international students!

Publié le September 28, 2018, Mis à jour le September 28, 2018

The orientation programme for international students at EM Strasbourg is coming to an end.

[legende-image]5229[/legende-image]We kicked off the academic year 2018/2019 with a series of personalised orientation sessions for our international students which took place over the last three weeks. This time of the year is always an opportunity for us to meet our new incoming students and for the students to receive important practical information for their time in our institution.

A new addition this semester was the French Culture Week led by professor Brisach. Students got to taste French gastronomy, watch a French movie and learn a few words of French. In addition, we took advantage of the great weather to offer them a photo shoot and rallies in the city.

They are now officialy ready to begin their studies in Strasbourg!

We wish them a year full of new and rich experiences!

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