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They’'ve Moved On! New Career Appointments for EM Strasbourg Business School Graduates

Publié le March 11, 2013, Mis à jour le June 18, 2014

Follow the career track of EM Strasbourg Business School's alumni as reported in the press between September 2012 and February 2013.

Jérémie Galliot : a CV that vies with Super Mario's
Twenty-four-year old Jérémie, a recent EM Strasbourg Business School graduate, turned into a video-game heroe to present his CV, and … it worked! His short video with graphics reminiscent of the first Nintendo consoles has already gathered some hundred Likes on EM Strasbourg Facebook page. Jeremy earned recognition in Stratégies weekly magazine (http://www.strategies.fr/blogs-opinions/blogs-favoris/204773W/le-grand-art-du-cv.html), which labelled Jérémie's CV an example of “ great communication”. The video displays a link to a classic CV, and a flash code allows visitors to directly input Jérémie's name and e-mail address in their address books. The young man explains his approach in an interview with Mediaetudiant.fr. (http://www.mediaetudiant.fr/vie-etudiante/cv-original-video-interactive-13428.php)
CV web site: http://bit.ly/14dkgiG
Press reports: L'avenir.net 25 January 2013; Stratégies.fr, 29 January 2013, Mediaetudiant.fr, 30 January 2013.

Élise Corset, Brand Creation and Development Manager for BWD
BWD, a simplified limited company under French law, has been investing in electronic cigarettes and boldly aims at generating a turnover of €600,000 in the first year. Elise Corset, an EM Strasbourg Business School alumnus with a 15-year track record in strategy, marketing and sales, has been entrusted with creating and developing the BWD brand.
Press report: The Glam Attitude, 24 January 2013.

Dominique Schwach, Regional Manager for Afpa, Île-de-France
Holder of the Master's degree in Enterprise Administration and Management awarded by Strasbourg's Institute of Enterprise Administration (which merged with IECS to form EM Strasbourg Business School in 2008), fifty-seven-year-old Dominique Schwach has been appointed as Regional Manager for the French National Association for Adult Vocational Training in Île-de-France (south of Paris). After joining Afpa in 1985, he served in different roles, lastly as Deputy Managing Director in charge of Market-Product-Exploitation.
Press reports: Les Échos, 21 January 2013 ; E-marketing.fr, 21 January 2013.

Valentin Wittmann, chairman of the Regional Association of Statutory Auditors of Colmar
EM Strasbourg Business School graduate Valentin Wittmann was elected last December as Chair of the Regional Association of Statutory Auditors in Colmar, an association that gathers 573 registered members. Valentin Wittmann works for Mazars auditing firm.
Press report: DNA, 29 December 2012.

Jean-François Birac, Blanc des Vosges CEO and « Made in France » ambassador
As the head of a company with a turnover of €14M, Blanc des Vosges CEO Jean-François Birac can pride himself on having rightly opted for French quality (quality “à la française”). It was in 1998 that this EM Strasbourg graduate took the helm of Blanc des Vosges, a linen and bedding manufacturing company located in the Vosges mountains region. At a time when all textile companies were relocating to Asia, he refused to follow the trend, deciding instead to enhance the company's products and tap into a competitive advantage. This was a winning bet as exports now account for 20% of the company's turnover. In addition, in 2011 Blanc des Vosges was awarded the Living Heritage Enterprise label offered by the Ministry for the Economy.
Press report: S'enrichir Magazine, November 2012-January 2013.

Thomas Arbib; using Twitter to work at Twitter…
It is by using their own tool that Thomas Arbib, former EM Strasbourg Business School Community Manager, has been able to track the HR managers at social network company Twitter. When informed by a friend that a position was to be filled in Dublin, he instantly flew to Ireland and headed straight to Career Zoo recruitment fair. Once there, he donned a tee-shirt specifically designed for the occasion bearing the slogan “Check out my CV” as well as a QR code signature. The trick helped him make a strong impression, and Thomas's picture was soon to be found on Twitter recruiters' accounts. Although the interview he secured as a result did not lead to a job offer, Thomas is keen to continue to innovate: he is currently visiting EM Strasbourg Business School partner universities in Asia (http://www.em-strasbourg.eu/ecole/em-strasbourg-actualite-514).
Twitter : @tarbib
Press report: Paperblog, 4 December 2012.

Philippe Spruch, LaCie Managing Director, has aroused interest in America
In 1989, EM Strasbourg graduate Philippe Spruch founded a company called Electronique d2 which specialized in assembling external hard drive enclosures. As the company grew, it acquired an American counterpart in 1995 and changed its corporate name to LaCie. With its 400-strong workforce and a turnover of €266M in 2011, the company was coveted by potential suitors. In May 2012, Philippe Spruch sold his shares to Seagate, the world's second leader in hard drives, whilst remaining Managing Director.
Dans la presse : Micro Hebdo, 7 November 2012.

Henri Delanoë, Operations Manager at PRD Office
Henri Delanoë has joined office property developers PRD Office as Operations Manager. Henri Delanoë is a graduate from the Strasbourg Institute of Enterprise Administration (now incorporated into EM Strasbourg Business School) and the Strasbourg National Institute of Applied Sciences, and before joining PRD Office, he first served as Design Engineer with Vinci in Honk Kong and then as Technical Manager with UBS Global Real Estate.
Press report: Immoweek Tertiaire, 2 October 2012.

Marc Belleil, Manager of the agricultural cooperative in Hochfelden
Forty-five-year-old Marc Belleil holds a degree from IECS Strasbourg (which became EM Strasbourg in 2008). He has been appointed as the new Administrative and Financial Manager of Hochfelden's agricultural cooperative.
Dans la presse : Agrodistribution, October 2012.

Sylvie Schott, Managing Director of Aria
EM Strasbourg alumnus Sylvie Schott was appointed last summer as Managing Director of the Regional Association of the Food Industry (Aria). Previously active as General Manager of the Regional Committee on Tourism and General Manager of the Biovalley cluster, she brings to Aria her motivation to foster training and to strengthen links with academia.
Press report: Le Journal des entreprises édition Bas-Rhin, September 2012.
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