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« The Manageress and the Philosopher », a new book released by Isabelle Barth and Yann-Hervé Martin

Publié le January 21, 2014, Mis à jour le June 19, 2014

EM Strasbourg Dean Isabelle Barth and Yann-Hervé Martin, who teaches Philosophy in preparatory classes for top-ranking Grandes Ecoles business schools, have just released "The Manageress and the Philosopher � The New Challenges for Women and Men in the Corporate World", a book published by Le Passeur. Their purpose is to compare the narratives generated by managers and philosophers.

The worlds of philosophy and management seemed in no way predestined to meet. With the ongoing crisis and the ensuing challenges to our beliefs, managers have been put on the spot and hence feel compelled to change their thinking paradigms. Philosophers have also come to wonder whether a philosophy remote from matters of common interest can still make sense in a crisis context. Based on a relentless conversation on issues both compelling for managers and addressable by philosophers - such as success, fulfilment, power, courage, exemplarity and respect - the book co-written by Isabelle Barth and Yann-Hervé Martin leads us to take a fresh look at the corporate world and the role it fulfils in society.

For further information:
- find out about our Philosophy Master Classes
- read the book review on the publishers' web site

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