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Some Keys to understanding the First Scribe 21 Intensive Session in Strasbourg

Publié le April 9, 2015, Mis à jour le January 13, 2016

Between 26 and 30 January 2015, some hundred international students flocked into EM Strasbourg Business School and the European Parliament to attend the first ever SCRIBE 21 intensive session. The schedule included workshops as well as seminars focusing on international trade between the European Union and Australia. Find out about this significant event by checking the answers to the three questions below!

Why SCRIBE 21 and not SCRIBE 22 ?

"Transcribing the 21st century ", such is the goal of the 5 European and Australian universities parties to SCRIBE 21 student and academic mobility programme. The intensive session held in Strasbourg gathered the first students and research faculty participating in the initiative. The objective was for them to gain professional multicultural skills and to enhance the relations between the European Union and Australia. Such international diversity was further enriched by the 90 international students from EM Strasbourg Business School hailing from more than 15 countries who joined the debates.

Why Strasbourg?
Capital of Europe!
Capital of Europe!

To hold the first intensive session since the partnership was launched, Scribe 21 partners chose Strasbourg as a fit location on account of its international dimension. EM Strasbourg Business School housed the morning seminars on personal and professional development whereas the afternoon workshops on trade exchanges between Australia and Europe took place at the European Parliament.

What was the flagship project?

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the large-scale simulation game which the students were involved in. They spent a whole day at the Parliament role-playing the parts of MEPs, lobbyists, or members of the Commission. They were put to the test as they strove to achieve a common position on the issue of organic labels.

The SCRIBE 21 programme, which is supported by the European Commission and the Australian government, is run by 5 partner universities and has been operating since 2013 under the coordination of EM Strasbourg Business School, and more particularly of Sabine Menu. 

The Scribe 21 Consortium

Scribe 21, a consortium of three European and two Australian universities is steered by EM Strasbourg Business School.
- University of Adelaide, Australia
- University of Western Australia
- Corvinus University, Hungary
- Ca' Foscari University, Italy

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