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Second ENA (National School of Administration) European Breakfast Briefing Held at EM Strasbourg Business School

Publié le December 11, 2013, Mis à jour le June 11, 2014

Second ENA European Breakfast Briefing held at EM Strasbourg Business School. On 11th December, EM Strasbourg Business School hosted for the second time an ENA European Breakfast Briefing themed: « Should We Yield to the Temptation of Shale Gas ? »

EMP Gilles Pargneaux was invited to discuss the issue at EM Strasbourg Business School as part of the 2013 series of breakfast briefings focusing on: « Sustainable Growth, Competitiveness and Energy Stakes: What Europe Do we Want? »

The National School of Administration (ENA) runs yearly series of European Breakfast Briefings during the periods when the European Parliament holds plenary sessions. In October 2012, EM Strasbourg Business School joined ENA’s initiative by signing a partnership agreement. This European Breakfast Briefing held on the management school’s premises is thus the second concrete outcome of the agreement after the first one in November 2012.

« EM Strasbourg Business School is delighted to be hosting European Breakfast Briefings and to thus contribute to the current debate over such prominent issues: it is on such issues that sustainable cooperative initiatives can be forged», EM Strasbourg Business School Dean Isabelle Barth pointed out. « The two institutions boast close ties with the city of Strasbourg, the Capital of Europe, and sustainable development is an integral part of the values of our School, which has developed a Sustainable Development Chair as well as an Executive MBA in Sustainable Development and Social Corporate Responsibility, underlined EM Strasbourg Associate Professor Pia Imbs, who runs the School’s Sustainable Development Chair.

A summary of contributions is available on the web site of « Etudes européeennes », a regular periodical for EU practitioners.
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