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Opening of the Latin American office of EM Strasbourg Business School, in Guadalajara, Mexico

Publié le May 12, 2017, Mis à jour le May 17, 2017

On the 6th April 2017 EM Strasbourg Business School officially opened its Latin American office in Guadalajara.

On the agenda:

After the official presentation of the office by Dr. José Luis Vallejo Garcia, lecturer-researcher and regional coordinator for Latin America at EM Strasbourg, the inauguration ceremony was punctuated by meetings with our partners TEC de Monterrey and Universidad Panamericana, Alumni, exchange students in Mexico, representatives of Campus France, Alliance Française, a representative of French companies in the region, before the official cutting of the ribbon by the Honorary Consul of France in Guadalajara, Mrs Maria Salud Fernandez Ramirez and the Associate Dean for International Relations of EM Strasbourg Business school, Dr. Kevin Mac Gabhann.

What is the motivation behind this new office?

EM Strasbourg has always been an international school. The opening of this office is part of a policy of quality of the curriculum and follow-up of students, both for the international students who come to study in Strasbourg and for the French students who study abroad for a full year. The aim is to strengthen the international dimension and the presence of EM Strasbourg in Latin America by consolidating and developing partnerships with universities, educational programs, research, business relations and the recruitment of international students.

What are the key priorities?

The presence of EM Strasbourg in Latin America is achieved through several actions:

  • Development of collaborative research projects and faculty mobility with strategic academic partners
  • Development of double degrees
  • Strengthening of cooperation with companies as well as public and private institutions, in particular to develop the internship opportunities for our students 
  • Establishing and animating our Alumni network in Latin America
  • Development of international recruitment to increase the number of Latin American students in Strasbourg by promoting the school not only in Mexico but also throughout the Latin American region

What is the added-value for the school?

“I am personally very excited and motivated with this new project. Having an office in Guadalajara, Mexico is a great step towards the internationalization of our school towards a real internationalization. This shows commitment to a global strategy for the benefit of our future generations of students. Latin America is a vast region that is gaining relevance not only economically but also academically as the mobility of students and teachers has grown consistently in the past 20 years. I am happy to be part of this idea since its inception” explains José Luis Vallejo García.

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