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Opening of EM Strasbourg Business School's Office in Brussels

Publié le January 13, 2017, Mis à jour le January 20, 2017

On the 10th January 2017 EM Strasbourg Business School officially opened its Europe office in Brussels. What’s the motivation behind this? Two of Europe’s capitals combined to make the most of what the European Union has to offer in terms of learning, opportunities and networks for our students and staff members.

Dr. Sabine Menu, Head of the Brussels office, answers our questions:

What are the key priorities?

" EM Strasbourg is a European Business School: many international students come to study with us every year because this is where the project of a united Europe was born. In Brussels, our presence we aim to obtain more visibility and speed up the process for contacts and opportunities in the Benelux region and at the European level (e.g., internships, staff mobility, academic cooperation). "

What is the added-value of the EU for students in management?

" The EU is a unique experience in the worlds of :
  1. diplomacy (instead of wars);
  2. intercultural management (based on 24 languages);
  3. and market integration, of course. "

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