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Official Start of the International Consortium with a Gathering in Strasbourg of the European and Australian Participating Partners

Publié le December 18, 2013, Mis à jour le January 13, 2016

Between 10 and 13 December 2013 EM Strasbourg Business School hosted the first operational meeting with two Australian and two European universities as part of the international consortium steered by the Alsatian business school. This afforded the opportunity to put in place the 12 dual degree programmes due to be jointly launched in January 2015 and to recruit the first participating students as soon as January 2014.

As part of the international consortium steered by EM Strasbourg Business School, the Australian partners (University of Western Australia, Adelaïde University) met up with their European counterparts (Università Ca'Foscari de Venise et Corvinus University de Budapest) on the School’s premises in Strasbourg between 10 and 13 December 2013.

Dean Isabelle Barth and Associate Dean for International Relations Kevin Mac Gabhann welcomed the representatives from the various partner universities and their teams, who had been brought together to work jointly on this ambitious programme designed to foster student mobility between the two continents. The programme will offer a total of 12 combined dual degrees in International Management. In addition, the participating students will benefit from the specialities taught at each institution.

In order to provide a frame for those dual degrees, the participating partners drew up a three-pronged programme of actions geared at enhancing student and faculty mobility as well as research collaboration. To achieve such objectives, they focused on both the operationalisation and the promotion of the dual degree programmes and accordingly decided to:
- define recruitment criteria for common candidates for all participating universities;
- enhance the presentation and cohesion of the Master’s degree courses entirely taught in English in the 5 universities;
- develop a strategy for cooperation with each member country’s institutions so as to put in place the compulsory internships required by the curricula;
- design a promotional brochure and create a common web portal.

They also investigated opportunities for collaboration in research and common courses on the basis of the various specialities offered at the partner universities, including entrepreneurship, wine management, agribusiness, tourism and trade. Thanks to these new synergies, the partner universities aim at enhancing the overall quality of teaching and at exploring new common research fields as from 2014.

A working meeting on the consortium’s action plans for entrepreneurship was held at the European Parliament with European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry Antonio Tajani. The European Commissioner was highly appreciative of the quality of the consortium’s endeavours and expressed his intention to build on the expertise of the five universities in order to pursue his own commitment to promote entrepreneurship, notably within the framework of the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.
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