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New Top Case Prize for EM Strasbourg Business School in 2014

Publié le August 20, 2014, Mis à jour le January 13, 2016

On 21st May 2014, the Case Studies and Teaching Media Publishing Center (CCMP) of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the Top Case Prize for Marketing to Claire Roederer (EM Strasbourg) and Ulrike Mayrhofer (IAE Lyon) for their case study entitled «Abercrombie & Fitch : Experiential Marketing on an International Scale », which focuses on the American brand’s expansion to the European market.

Overseas development of an experiential marketing policy. The Marketing Top Case Prize is awarded to the authors of the most widely diffused Marketing case study among higher-education institutions over the previous year. On the occasion of the Gala Night of FNEGE’s fourth Management General Convention held on 21st May 2014, the prize was awarded to Claire Roederer, Associate Professor in Management Sciences at EM Strasbourg Business School, and Ulrike Mayrhofer, Full Professor at IAE Lyon, for their case entitled « Abercrombie & Fitch: Experiential Marketing on an International Scale ».

The awarded article focuses on the marketing strategy conducted by the Abercrombie & Fitch brand. It contains detailed information on the group - which has positioned itself as a «casual luxury», privilege brand catering to a young urban target – with regards to its international expansion and its experiential strategy. The latter relies on enhanced product staging, lighting, music, fragrances as well as attractive sales assistants to create a festive atmosphere at the point-of-sales.

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