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My participation to Planète EM: Giuseppe Giorlando

Publié le March 22, 2018, Mis à jour le March 26, 2018

Giuseppe Giorlando, currently studying at EM Strasbourg as a double degree student from the University of Pavia, participated to Planète EM last January and kindly accepted to talk about it in a brief interview.

[legende-image]4720[/legende-image]Why did you choose EM Strasbourg for your study abroad period?
I chose EM Strasbourg first of all for its great international reputation and thanks to the positive feedback given by EM Strasbourg Alumni. Certainly to make my decision, I also took into consideration Strasbourg's life-style and geographical position. Indeed, after other experiences abroad in Spain and France I wanted to move to the centre of Europe and especially to an extremely international and student city like Strasbourg. I also took the opportunity to learn and study French.

Why did you decide to participate to the event Planète EM?
I think that for many students, it can be really stressful to decide which will be the best destination and university for the next year. That is why having the opportunity to get feedback from students who already have experience regarding the chosen destinations can be crucial for the final decision. Therefore, I chose to participate in Planète EM to help students remove all doubt about the University of Pavia and the city of Pavia itself.

What advice did you give to EM students going abroad next year?
As an "Erasmus addict", I can just advise to make the most out of the experience, because it will probably be one of the best years of their life. The academic part is important but they must not miss the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world and their cultures, travel a lot, learn a new language, and experience different things as much as possible.

What is your best memory of this international experience so far?
Actually, I have a lot of good memories here in Strasbourg, but one that I remember particularly is the event at the Hotel de Ville organised by the association "Strasbourg aime ses etudiants". It was a great experience thanks to a combination of music, history and food where I could get to know a lot of new people and learn more about Strasbourg.

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