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Master EMS – A French-German success story

Publié le May 12, 2017, Mis à jour le May 17, 2017

The school’s Master’s degree in European Management Studies (EMS) was recently placed first by MOCI (Moniteur du commerce international), qualifying it as the top university Master’s program in International Management in France. After having won the gold medal of the MOCI ranking for the first time in 2015 and the silver medal last year, EM’s famous cross-border double-degree has again become the top flight in 2017.

Established in 2010 and co-directed with EM’s partner ESB Business School in Reutlingen, this dual degree program is intended for students having finished their undergraduate studies in non-business fields such as law, natural sciences, engineering or linguistics, which they seek to build on with a Master’s degree in European Management.

The two-year co-op track starts with a semester of lectures at ESB, followed by an internship semester in Germany. Students continue the program in semester 3 with an apprenticeship while alternating between lectures at EM and their company, either in France or via a cross-border apprenticeship on the German side of the Upper Rhine valley. In the last semester, students work full-time in their company and prepare a Master’s thesis. The program provides students with an attractive offer in the French-German context that is based on four key aspects:

  •  A combination of lectures and intensive on-the-job trainings to acquire skills and knowledge in European management thereby completing a previous non-business education,
  •  A bi-national cohort of 15 French and 15 Germans students gaining outstanding cross-cultural skills,
  • The permanent use of English, French and German that stimulates communication skills and strengthens students' adaptability in an international environment,
  • An accreditation by the French-German University comprising of a scholarship of €2,700 for each student and support in terms of language classes, intercultural training and preparation.

To date, 122 students have graduated and another 60 are currently enrolled in the program. Most of EMS graduates work at various positions in multinational firms such as Daimler, Facebook, Michelin, Microsoft, Nestlé or SAP in Germany, France or other European countries.
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