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Highlights of the 1st semester (2015-2016)

Publié le January 25, 2016, Mis à jour le January 26, 2016

The kick-off of our international academic year is always the welcoming of our international students at the beginning of September.

Our orientation week regroups introductory events, around curricula presentations, explanation of course registration and administrative procedures as well as help in visa and housing issues. The students get to meet our Dean, Associate Deans and Dean of Studies and also the International Relations Team. Moreover, the student clubs proposed several fun and cultural activities to introduce them to the vivid student life in Strasbourg during their first week.

Throughout the semester, we also organized several events so that our incoming students could really get the feeling of studying in Strasbourg, the heart of Europe. We organized a visit to the Haut Koenigsbourg Castle, we celebrated Mid-Autumn with our Chinese students, we had croissants and café au lait at the French Breakfast, we went to the Christmas Market indulging in mulled wine and Christmas cookies. The school organized several debates, seminars and workshops around its 3 core values – sustainable development, diversity and ethics, led by renowned personalities in those fields.

On an international scope, we hosted a conference on the 25th anniversary of the German reunification, as well as visits to the European Parliament and debates with European MPs.  Lastly, our study abroad fair, Planet EM, was our international highlight bringing together our international and French students.

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