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Healthy Mind, the power of therapeutic 3D worlds

Publié le May 24, 2017, Mis à jour le May 30, 2017

Timothée Cabanne, Reda Khouadra and Malo Louvigné are students of the MAE Alsace Tech EM Strasbourg Business School. Today, they have a project that has enthralled the juries of the Australian e-challenge of the University of Adelaide – a partner university of EM Strasbourg. The prize that they won will enable them to present their project to the IT department of Microsoft, in Seattle.

3D applied to health care facilities.

Today, despite healthcare professionals’ efforts, many medical treatments still rhyme with angst and suffering. . That significantly hinders the day to day life of patients in health facilities around the world. To handle this, institutes are forced to use a large quantity of drugs that could cause unwanted side effects and may not even alleviate acute pain and anxiety.

Healthy Mind develops therapeutic 3D worlds to immerse patients, thanks to a high quality virtual reality headset, in order to distract them from acute pain and reduce their anxiety during medical treatments. This innovative approach enhances the recovery of patients while decreasing hospitalization costs.

Currently working with health facilities and therapists, they offer an effective complement to drugs while providing a solution that suits the needs of both patients and health professionals.

An individual story transformed into an innovative idea.

Reda Khouadra has been passionate about 3D modeling and animation since he was 12 years old. Having a great-aunt with Parkinson's disease, he realized that she felt better in front of soothing landscapes and surrounded by her family. Because he wanted to help her, he had this idea of using virtual reality to relieve people's pain or anxiety.

The three project shareholders met each other during their engineering studies at Télécom Physique Strasbourg, and it was during their Master Alsace Tech at EM Strasbourg Business School that they decided to join forces and use the technology and their skill set to improve health care.

What's their next step?

They will start fund raising and then present their project to Microsoft in Seattle. This is an exceptional opportunity for them to meet the leaders of the company, as well as to benefit from their feedback and advice!
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