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Full Professor Isabelle Barth Appointed Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School

Publié le May 23, 2011, Mis à jour le August 20, 2014

Following her election by the school's board of trustees on 13th April 2011, Professor Isabelle Barth was officially appointed as Dean of EM Strasbourg by the Ministry of Research and Further Education on 6th May, with her term starting on 23rd May. She is taking over from Professor Michel Kalika after he decided to step down for family reasons. Fifty-year old Isabelle Barth, a mother of 6, had served in the School as Vice-Dean for research since 2008.

Isabelle Barth, directrice générale de l'EM Strasbourg

Isabelle Barth, directrice générale de l'EM Strasbourg

After a ten-year stint in the corporate world, during which she held Sales Development positions, Isabelle Barth entered academia in 1994. Her career has been with 4 universities, where she assumed major responsibilities including leading development projects.

Her current research endeavours focus on three main areas: Sales Management, Diversity Management and Emerging Patterns in Purchasing Behaviour.

MMy term will be devoted to enhancing our students' personal and professional "trajectory". I wish to tap into EM Strasbourg's extensive resources, which set it apart both as a unique model within the French context and as a classical one at an international level, i.e. a Business School incorporated into a big pluridisciplinary university.

This objective will be achieved as follows:

  • providing access to a PhD programme within EM Strasbourg's two research laboratories, HuManiS and LaRGE (eight-year university degrees have become the new corporate frontier for high-potential individuals),
  • offering a wide portfolio of dual-degree programmes in partnership with the other components of Strasbourg University, including a Business and Law Master's degree or a Master of Arts,
  • capitalising on the prominence of both the City of Strasbourg and Strasbourg University to allow students to benefit from a year abroad in full immersion in 175 partner institutions,
  • making full use of the wide network developed by the School over almost one hundred years, particularly during the last three years, which have seen the School gain outstanding notoriety and recognition.

My overall purpose is to train "reflexive" managers endowed with the right competences and skills who are able to give meaning to their deeds and lives

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