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EM Strasbourg Takes Stock of the 5th Edition of its Three-Values Days

Publié le January 21, 2014, Mis à jour le January 13, 2016

EM Strasbourg recently organised its fifth Three-Values Days, a three-pronged event featuring debates and information-sharing opportunities around the School core values � ethics, diversity and sustainable development � which were given pride of place in October, November and December 2013, respectively. What was the impact?

In October, November and December 2013, EM Strasbourg Business School organised its fifth Three-Values Days. Why three values? According to the School, the three values of ethics, diversity and sustainable development are critical to offering effective training to future managers. All students currently studying on-site are required to participate in the Three-Values Days. The combined event is designed to help them further ponder those three strategic values, which are also strongly embedded in the curricula of the 35 training programmes on offer at the school.

The yearly event has benefited from enhanced visibility among students, collaborators, faculty and major French companies, allowing them to share ideas and experiences. It managed to reach out to 110 corporate participants, 700 students (per day), relying on 73 workshops and film-show debates as well as 2 partnerships with competitive-exam- administrator Passerelle ESC and French Association of Diversity Managers AFMD. Sensitisation, knowledge and action: there is a new challenge for students to rise to in each study year!

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