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EM Strasbourg receives AMBA accreditation for a three-year term

Publié le June 3, 2020, Mis à jour le June 3, 2020

EM Strasbourg has earned the British accreditation AMBA for its Programme Grande Ecole for a period of three years. This prestigious international distinction, awarded by the Association of MBAs, attests the excellence of the degree program. It strengthens EM Strasbourg’s status as a major business school at the national and international level.

One of the highest standard of achievement in post-graduate business education

One of the highest standard of achievement in post-graduate business education

For the first time in its history, EM Strasbourg has received AMBA accreditation for three years. This accreditation endorses the Programme Grande Ecole and its international dimension. Only 2% of degree programs offered by business schools in more than 75 countries enjoy this official certification.

The AMBA accreditation recognizes the excellence of the Programme Grande Ecole at EM Strasbourg. It validates not only the exceptional quality of this general master’s degree but also its ability to effectively prepare students for the workforce. More generally, by coupling AMBA accreditation with that of AACSB earned in 2015, EM Strasbourg strengthens its role as a world-class player among business schools,” proclaims Herbert Castéran, Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School. With the accreditations AMBA, AACSB, and EPAS (renewed in 2017 for five years), EM Strasbourg now boasts three recognized international accreditations.

According to the MBM Assessment Report provided by AMBA, the assessment team was impressed by a number of aspects during their audit at EM Strasbourg:
  • The School has well-constructed links with the University which provide appropriate autonomy but also provide advantages of scale, such as the interlinked research centres.
  • The new facilities provide a significant improvement on the student learning experience. 
  • The internationalisation strategy is well articulated and will provide a sound basis for continued development in this important element of its distinctiveness.
  • Students met during the assessment demonstrated quality and displayed an impressive maturity for their age.
  • The mandatory full year abroad for all students provides a distinct advantage to graduates in the employability market.
  • Small class sizes, despite high enrolments, contribute to a positive student learning experience.
  • The Cap Careers programme, integrated into the curriculum as credit-bearing content, appears to be comprehensive and contributes positively to student transformation and graduate employability. The extension of careers support to recent alumni will enhance lifelong learning opportunities.

“The AMBA audit provides us with an in-depth analysis of the degree program’s content and areas of excellence. The internationalization of the program and the individualized follow-up of students by Cap Career have both proven to be distinctive features of the PGE compared to other degree programs at the same level. We are also encouraged to offer more integrated program tracks to our future graduates, who are considered to be very sharp and mature,” emphasizes Babak Mehmanpazir, Vice Dean for International Accreditations and Strategic Management at EM Strasbourg.

“AMBA only accredits the world’s top Business Schools,” said Andrew Main Wilson, Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (BGA).“EM Strasbourg is very much deserving to be in this select network and I look forward to working with the School closely. Congratulations to everyone who worked towards this accreditation.”

More about the AMBA accreditation

Accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) represents the highest standard of achievement in post-graduate business education. Its rigorous assessment criteria ensure that only the highest-calibre programmes which demonstrate the best standards in teaching, curriculum, and student interaction achieve Association of MBAs accreditation.
The accreditation is international in scope and reach, and AMBA works under the belief that accredited programmes should be of the highest standard and reflect changing trends and innovation in post-graduate management education. Its accreditation process reflects this commitment to fostering innovation, and demanding Business Schools to perform at the highest level continually.

Upon receiving AMBA accreditation, all current MBM students and MBM alumni of EM Strasbourg are invited to join AMBA’s global member community of more than 49,000 students and alumni in more than 150 countries on a free basis, for networking, thought leadership, career development, and a variety of benefits.

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