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EM Strasbourg hosts the first intensive session of the 2017-2018 SCRIBE 21 programme

Publié le January 20, 2016, Mis à jour le January 20, 2017

EM Strasbourg Business School is delighted to host the third cohort of SCRIBE 21 students for their first joint intensive session of the programme 2017-2018. They arrived on January 15th and will stay in Strasbourg until January 19th.

Scribe 21 intensive session

Scribe 21 intensive session

The Strasbourg Intensive Session is a combination of professional development seminars in a cross-cultural context, practice-oriented seminars on international trade and Foreign Direct Investment, and a game simulating the EU’s decision-making process which will take place in the European Parliament in parallel of the monthly Parliament session.

The professional development seminars will focus on developing intercultural skills and selling one’s experience abroad. The international trade seminars will include discussions around EU trade policy, EU and Australia commercial relations and Ethics.

As a reminder, SCRIBE 21 – Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantages in International Business for Europe and Australasia in the 21st Century – is a unique consortium of European and Australian universities, offering dual degree programmes to students in Master’s Degrees in Business and Economics who are curious to learn more and differently, by experiencing various contexts.
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