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EM Strasbourg Business School Takes Part with ENA in 'European Breakfast Briefings'

Publié le November 20, 2012, Mis à jour le June 24, 2014

On the occasion of the plenary sessions of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the two institutions pull together to participate in a round of conferences on Europe and the environment.

'Environmental Protection and the EU' is the theme of the round of conferences for which a collaboration agreement was signed in mid-October between EM Strasbourg Business School and ENA (the French School of Administration). A 'European Breakfast Briefing' was thus organised at EM Strasbourg on 21st November 2012. MEP Françoise Grossetête discussed the Union's policy on 'environmental challenges and industry'.

'EM Strasbourg Business School is happy to host the European Breakfast Briefings and to thus contribute to discussions on such prominent issues: sustainable collaboration initiatives are built on just such issues', explains EM Strasbourg Dean Isabelle Barth. 'The two institutions are deeply entrenched in the city of Strasbourg, Europe's capital city', underlines Associate Professor Pia Imbs, head of EM Strasbourg Business School's Corporate Chair on Sustainable Development. 'Sustainable Development is one of the leading values of the school, which is running a Corporate Chair on the issue as well as an Executive MBA in Sustainable development and Organisational Social Responsibility.'

The summary reports of the talks are available on the web site of Études européennes, a journal for EU professionals.

  • For registrations, please contact: Dr Natacha Ficarelli, 03 88 21 45 58.

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