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EM Strasbourg Business School’s First Alumni After-work event in Shanghai

Publié le June 27, 2016, Mis à jour le June 27, 2016

23 Chinese alumni attended this event in Shanghai. They were delighted to be given the opportunity to connect with the EM Strasbourg network in China and to maximize their professional opportunities. The aim of these gatherings is to keep in touch with our graduates and thus create a network of EM Strasbourg Business School alumni in China. We asked a Chinese alumnus, Haibin Li, who attended the after-work event in Shanghai, to share his distinctive experience with you!

[legende-image]3156[/legende-image]Why did you decide to study in France?
I wanted to study in a European country in order to learn another language and culture. I was curious about France. I can speak English and I wanted to speak fluent French as well in order to open up other professional skills and horizons.

Why did you choose Strasbourg?
I heard about EM Strasbourg Business School thanks to the Pass-world admission programme. This programme was very helpful in giving me a pathway to begin my studies in France. I started in 2012 in the Programme Grande Ecole Master’s degree and I graduated last year. I majored in finance in my 3rd year.
The food, the cathedral and the diverse culture are the three things I loved the most about Strasbourg.

What do you remember about your two years in France?
My experience preparing for the CFA exam together with my classmates is one of my best memories, because we all had common goals and expectations. The CFA Program provides a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills that will give me a real career advantage. As it was hard work, we helped each other a lot and created a very special relationship. I loved campus life because of the activities and the possibilities to have fun!

What was your favourite class and why?
My favourite class was Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management where I learned the principles of international team management. This course focused on training international students on the fundamental notions of work teams and their behaviour within an international context. I liked it because it was practical and helpful for my career. Companies regard this kind of course as training to improve competitiveness in an international business context.

What impact will this experience will have on your studies or your career?
Thanks to my studies at EM Strasbourg Business School, I was able to take a professional gap year to work at the Bank of China in Luxembourg. I worked in the financial marketing department and continued in the same position as a formal employee after graduation. I was selected after sending my CV and my cover letter to the HR department, following the advice of EM Strasbourg Business School’s careers department. I’m currently head of the Bank Financing and Bond Underwriting department. The knowledge acquired during my 3rd year, in finance, was really useful for my current position. For instance, foreign currency exchange, futures trading and report-writing methodology. My experience at EM Strasbourg Business School also taught me to be independent, how to adapt a new environment, and how to understand concepts by myself. Thanks to my successful internship, I got a job right away after graduation, at the Bank of China-Luxembourg. Right now I am continuing to acquire experience in Europe and afterwards I plan on returning to China to develop my career further.

What advice would you give to someone who is preparing to come to study in Strasbourg?
In my opinion, EM Strasbourg Business School has a very strong international dimension; in the Pass-world programme you have the chance to get to know classmates from all over the world and discover different cultures. The programme is perfect for people who have a positive attitude, a very important characteristic for Chinese people. The school offers great courses to train responsible business people.

What is the benefit of attending the EM Strasbourg Alumni after-work event, in China?
Actually networking is really important in China. EM Strasbourg’s Alumni after-work events provide the opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintances, that’s always beneficial to your career path.

What do you expect from EM Strasbourg’s Alumni network, in China?
I hope we can keep expanding the number of students who participate in this kind of Alumni event. This type of event is not only for Chinese students, we will also include EM Strasbourg business school French alumni who are engaged in business in China. I can keep in touch with French and Chinese Alumni to increase my network in China!

For more information about your alumni network, or if you would like to organise an event in your city, contact our ambassador in China: alumni@em-strasbourg.eu

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