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EM Strasbourg Business School Launches a Customisable Logo Generator

Publié le September 30, 2013, Mis à jour le June 11, 2014

A « logo machine » has been made available to students by EM Strasbourg Business School as part of a collaboration project with the Campus Communication agency. Students are now able to play with the codes of the School's visual identity and to design visiting cards bearing their own colours.

« Be distinctive ! » EM Strasbourg Business School together with the Campus Communication agency has devised a generator of unique and customised logos affording each and every student an opportunity to express their difference. The logo generator was launched at the start of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Tens of thousands of combinations can be designed for everyone to take ownership of their own logos. The rationale behind the initiative is to allow students, – and soon-to-be managers – to introduce themselves both in a different and professional manner, whether it be on social networks and in their e-mail signatures or with the business cards supplied by EM Strasbourg Business School.

One year ago EM Strasbourg Business School unveiled its new visual identity with its « Be Distinctive » caption . The new visual identity relies on a system of variations reflecting the diversity which runs through the school's research, training and recruitment activities. The newly released logo generator extends this logic so that every single student becomes a repository of the school's brand.

The initiative undertaken by EM Strasbourg Business School is unique in the French higher educational landscape. It was mainly inspired by similar approaches abroad, namely at MIT's Media Lab - for its visual identity - and at EPFL - for its alumni association.

Please check: be-distinctive.eu.
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