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EM Strasbourg Business School earns AACSB accreditation

Publié le May 11, 2015, Mis à jour le January 13, 2016

AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) announced today that EM Strasbourg Business School has earned accreditation. EM Strasbourg is one of 9 business schools in the world, and the only one in France, that have newly been accredited in May 2015.



To earn accreditation, the School had to align itself with the 21 AACSB standards covering strategy, innovation, learning goals, the implication of students, faculty and administrative staff. This American label evaluates the quality of a business school and is attributed for a duration of 5 years after several self-evaluation reports and onsite audits by experts. EM Strasbourg started the accreditation process in June 2010.

It represents a major recognition to EM Strasbourg. The School’s strategy was acknowledged by the Peer Review Team members. The AACSB Team Visit Report identified the following major strengths :

-    A regional School with international outreach. It enjoys large support of the economic and political stakeholders of the Alsace Region for which it is “their” business school. The Peer Review Team also recognised the study on measuring the economic impact of the School on the region as well as the Consortium SCRIBE21 which fosters collaborations in teaching, research and corporate relations with European and Australian partners.

-    A part of the University of Strasbourg (95th in the Shanghai ranking) and its doctoral programme which differentiates the School from its competitors in France. EM Strasbourg combines the advantages of being part of a university while at the same time having the status of a grande école.

-    Proximity regarding student recruitment and support. The Peer Review Team especially recognises the coaching and personal and professional development all along their studies.

-    The 3 values programme in the heart of its mission, actively taught to students through « blended learning » (online platform, conferences and debates).

-    The Bachelor Young Entrepreneur, based on the Finnish « Team Academy » model and integrated into its Entrepreneurial Centre “La Ruche à Projets”.
The report underlines the leadership provided by Isabelle Barth and her team. The engagement and the dynamism of the faculty and administrative staff were also acknowledged as well as the attachment and satisfaction of students and alumni.

“We do not take this accreditation as an end in itself but as a step of the project we have for our School”, comments Isabelle Barth, Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School.

“I welcome this accreditation that illustrates a real international recognition in the world of business schools. The jury underlined the crucial asset of the integration of EM Strasbourg in the University of Strasbourg; it is also the reward for all those who have supported this unique model in France” adds Alain Beretz, President of the University of Strasbourg.

To view the list of newly accredited schools in May 2015, please follow this link:

What is AACSB ?

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is an American association founded in 1916 with the aim to distinguish, through the delivery of its accreditation, institutions offering quality management and/or business programmes and committing themselves to continuous improvement regarding their educational policies.

The association only recently opened its accreditations to schools outside of North America. Today, 736 member institutions in 48 countries are accredited which represents less than 5% of the business schools throughout the world.

The benefits of the accreditation

Earning an accreditation is a major concern for business schools, especially in France. In fact, they evolve in a market place ever more structured by accreditations. Hence, these constitute an important factor for the schools to position themselves. They also form part of the crucial criteria in rankings, thus becoming a necessary stage within global dynamics.

The main benefits of the accreditation are:

•    Guaranteeing the recruitment of students
•    Developing international visibility to recruit students and faculty abroad
•    Continuing and maintaining continuous improvement of quality over time


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