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EM Strasbourg, a school with European drive

Publié le May 7, 2020, Mis à jour le May 7, 2020

Founded in 1919 in a cross-border region, EM Strasbourg is located in the heart of the Alsatian capital and on the doorstep of the European institutions. The School is at a crossroads connecting several countries with strong economic activity in the Rhine area, and more broadly, at the center of the largest European economic corridor stretching from London to Milan. This geographic position has and continues to strongly contribute to the School's natural European positioning.

EM Strasbourg, a school with a European identity

EM Strasbourg, a school with a European identity

EM Strasbourg offers a wide portfolio of European partnerships—the driving force behind its internationalization policy. More than 50% of the 237 cooperation agreements and the 1,000 annual outgoing and incoming student exchanges are carried out with European university partners.


Internationalized programs

Fueled by its mission to educate competent, responsible, and agile managers ready to find their place in the world, EM Strasbourg strives to stand out from the crowd by designing unique educational experiences with an international and European flair. This European positioning is the common thread running through the School's educational offer, which notably includes
  • the possibility of studying in French, English, and German in both the Bachelor's Program and Programme Grande École;
  • many specializations offered in English and more than 25% of courses taught in English; and
  • several European dual degrees, such as the Master of European Management Studies, aiming to develop European skills through daily integration and intercultural collaboration.

To strengthen its position as a key institution for cross-border profiles, EM Strasbourg has recently set up a new CMI (Cross-border Management Institute) which centralizes and showcases Franco-German programs ranging from the undergraduate to the master’s level.

Don’t stay CLUEless about Europe!

EM Strasbourg’s European spirit goes beyond its numerous partnerships and working languages; it is felt on a daily basis thanks to specific and unique educational initiatives like CLUE, a flagship set of courses and learning activities with a European focus. Now an integral part of many degree programs offered at the School, CLUE features
  • on the one hand training in intercultural management, courses on European topics, and language learning, and
  • on the other hand role play and conferences in the Chamber of European Parliament. Every year, more than 1,800 students experience CLUE, which builds on more than twenty years of cooperation between the School and the European Parliament marked by conferences, seminars, visits, meetings with MEPs, etc.

Faculty and research with European character

EM Strasbourg’s European dimension also lies in a dynamic and multicultural faculty. One out of three lecturers is of foreign nationality and more than six out of ten lecturers have significant international experience. This experience acts as a major catalyst for extensive research collaboration illustrated by the many visiting professors, faculty exchanges, or European networks such as HERMES, a network uniting some twenty renowned universities and founded by EM Strasbourg in 1997.
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