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Educational Partnership between EM Strasbourg Business School and ESC Rennes

Publié le October 11, 2012, Mis à jour le June 24, 2014

EM Strasbourg Business School and ESC Rennes School of Business have entered an agreement for an educational partnership designed to provide their respective students with new opportunities for 2013. The new alliance, which was unveiled on 10th October 2012, will be concerned with the competitive entry examinations as well as the third year curriculum of the Grande Ecole Programme (PGE). The rationale behind such collaboration is to capitalise on the two institutions' complementarity strengths and to go beyond standardisation strategies. This year, the two schools will use a single joint register of students from undergraduate preparatory programmes applying for the written section of the competitive entry test (BCE).

In addition, once enrolled in one of the two schools, students will have the opportunity to choose a third-year specialisation on offer at one of the partner institutions by spending their first term at the host school before completing their studies at their home school. Under this educational partnership, students from EM Strasbourg Business School will be able to pursue such study tracks as "Ecodesign and Sustainable Management" and "Communication and Digital Marketing" in Rennes while students from ESC Rennes School of Business will have access to specialisations in "Public Management", "RH-RSE" (Human Resources ... Corporate Social Responsibility) and "European Business" at EM Strasbourg Business School. The credits awarded in one of the partner institutions will be validated by a certificate issued by the two schools.

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