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Dr. Herbert Castéran appointed Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School

Publié le July 7, 2016, Mis à jour le July 7, 2016

Elected by EM Strasbourg Business School’s Board on 4 May 2016, Dr. Herbert Castéran has been officially appointed Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Dr. Castéran was elected for a five-year mandate and succeeds Dr. Isabelle Barth who served in this position since May 2011.

“My project for EM Strasbourg Business School is based on my observation of rapid developments in the world of professions which pose a real challenge to higher education institutions. Where we used to prepare students for a career, we now have to equip them with the tools for continuous adaptation. At stake is their capacity to handle evolving environments and an unprecedented volume of information. In this context, the ‘savoir-devenir’ or the ability to change and adapt become henceforth central to EM Strasbourg’s mission. To achieve this, EM Strasbourg is committing, notably through its teaching, to the development of three types of skills: technical, personal and the ability to adapt. At the technical level, teaching big data approaches should help students develop the capacity to process high volumes of information and to decode the environment and identify its weaknesses. At the personal level, seminars in creativity should help students develop their capacity to innovate. Finally, in an uncertain environment, adaptability is facilitated by the mastered development of dual degrees with select international partners for their added value, but also with the rest of University of Strasbourg departments.

The project that I propose builds on the momentum created by my predecessors. It strives to enhance EM Strasbourg’s international standing and revitalize its links with the business world. It’s through its teaching choices, its involvement in research and its opening that EM Strasbourg Business School positions itself as the school of future business professionals in the heart of Europe.”

Dr. Casteran, 46, is associate professor and member of the HUMANIS research laboratory at EM Strasbourg Business School. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Science Po Toulouse, and Masters’ degrees in Statistics and Econometrics and in Research in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics, as well as a PhD in Management Sciences from Toulouse I University. He joined EM Strasbourg Business School in September 2010 as Director of Studies of our work-study/apprenticeship programme in marketing. A few years later he founded the Masters’ degree in Tourism Management that he supervised until his appointment as Dean.

Dr. Casteran’s research focuses on such themes as customer lifetime value, tourism and big data, and in particular on measuring the efficiency of marketing activities. Acknowledged for his expertise in impact studies, he has consulted a number of businesses and institutions. Thus, in 2012 and in 2015 he researched the economic impact of EM Strasbourg Business School on the Alsace region. Later on he used his methodology to study the impact of Air France’s financial situation on metropolitan France, a study that he re-conducted in 2016.

Dr. Castéran is also the co-founder of the Observatory of the world-known Strasbourg Christmas Market.

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