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Diversity in Grandes Ecoles Business Schools: EM Strasbourg Joins Handicap Passerelle, the Competitive Exam Scheme for Disabled Students

Publié le October 13, 2011, Mis à jour le June 27, 2014

EM Strasbourg is strongly committed to the theme of Grandes Ecoles and Diversity and is proud to take a new concrete step to uphold one of its flagship values. As of 2012, EM Strasbourg will become a member of the Handicap Passerelle (Disability Passerelle) network of business schools.

Three years ago, the School joined the Ascension sociale (Upward Mobility) competitive exam scheme. Both Ascension sociale and Handicap Passerelle are designed to foster diversity among the member schools of the Passerelle Association, whose membership numbers 17 business schools from all over France.

The two competitive exam systems are geared towards students having completed two years of post-secondary education leading to a university technical degree (DUT), a vocational degree (BTS) or a Bachelor's* degree. (* this only applies to the Handicap Passerelle competitive exam).

  • For further details, please contact Concours EM Strasbourg : aida.gharrech@em-strasbourg.eu

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