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Diversity Conference on the Topic of Equal Pay for Equal Work: Taking Stock, 40 Years Later on May 31st

Publié le May 23, 2012, Mis à jour le June 25, 2014

EM Strasbourg Business School is organising a conference on diversity on 31st May 2012. The round-table entitled “Equal Pay for Equal Work: Taking Stock, 40 Years Later” will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Law of 22nd December 1972 on equal pay between men and women. Réjane Sénac (political scientist at the National Center for Scientific Research and author of L'Invention de la diversité (The Invention of Diversity)), Bruce Roch (President of the French Association of Diversity Managers) and Isabelle Barth (EM Strasbourg Business School Dean) will give an overview of the current situation in terms of gender equality. Prominent figures who are experts on diversity and parity issues within organisations and society at large will also share their views and approaches.

The conference will provide an opportunity to celebrate the award of AFNOR's Diversity Label, which has been bestowed upon EM Strasbourg Business School for a period of four years. The School is the first higher education public institution to have obtained AFNOR's Diversity Label and is also the 100th member of AFMD, the French Association of Diversity Managers. This clearly reflects the consistent efforts it has undertaken to fight against all forms of discrimination in an academic environment, to promote equal opportunities for all and to implement a diversity policy across the board. Such efforts stem from a genuine intention to enhance a value that has become essential in the workplace, particularly for managers.

  • The conference will be held on 31st May, at 5:15, at EM Strasbourg Business School - Commun Lecture Theatre 61, avenue de la Forêt-Noire 67000 Strasbourg

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