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Discovering a faraway land: Peru

Publié le February 27, 2020, Mis à jour le February 27, 2020

Maëlle Le Bourlay, a second-year student in Programme Grande École, chose to spend her year abroad at ESAN University in Lima, Peru. For her, it is a dream come true to discover South America, a continent that has always appealed to her.

Maelle Le Bourlay

Maelle Le Bourlay

An impossible choice: to leave or to stay?

After completing post-secondary foundation classes in Rennes, Maëlle chose EM Strasbourg with the idea of going abroad as early as second year. However, during her first year at EM, she invested herself wholeheartedly in the School’s associations. This led her to reflect on her next move: would she live her dream of going abroad or stay and see her student association project succeed? In December, her choice was made: she would go to Peru to improve her proficiency in English and Spanish.

A new Peruvian way of life?

Before her departure, Maëlle had the chance to meet a Peruvian student at EM Strasbourg. This student gave her valuable advice. "My friend is in charge of integrating international students at ESAN (University of Lima). She gave me some advice on where to live. Thanks to her, I was able to book my accommodations before I arrived." Upon arrival, Maëlle was blown away by the modernity, safety, and comfortable infrastructure of the campus (which has four cafeterias and one university library).

Multicultural experience guaranteed

For Maëlle, travelling is synonymous with sharing. She loves exchanging with local students during group work. For her, it is a different way of studying. Our young exchange student is getting used to her new country and its local cuisine. "Peruvians eat a lot of chicken, rice, and potatoes, but they cook them differently." Eager for discovery, Maelle regularly goes exploring in the country. "I have been able to discover incredible landscapes." This trip to the land of llamas provided her with the opportunity to visit other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Chile, and Argentina.

An experience for growth?

"One Monday evening in class around 8 p.m., a friend and I decided to leave on a whim. The next morning at 9 a.m., we were in the plane bound for a three-day trek in the mountain on our own. It was a great leap into the unknown and ultimately an incredible experience!"
This anecdote bears witness to a reality shared by all students studying abroad: to go abroad is to go out of your comfort zone. Maelle, for her part, acknowledges that this year has allowed her "to gain maturity, open-mindedness, autonomy, and adaptability."

This experience has also helped her to reflect on her career objectives. “In Lima, I am currently taking courses in marketing and supply chain management, which I’m really enjoying. When I return to France, I would like to do internships in these two fields to further develop my career objectives."

Everyday life: accommodations in Lima

Maëlle pays 1,200 soles per month, about €320, for a twenty-square-meter room in a student house with seventeen other students located in the Miraflores district, a two-minute walk from the sea.

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