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Customer Relationship Center of French Utility Company EDF Group in Mulhouse Opens its Doors to EM Strasbourg Students

Publié le October 17, 2013, Mis à jour le June 11, 2014

The French Association for Customer Relationships organised its customer relationship celebration between 4th and 12th October. The event provided an opportunity for 52 students enrolled on EM Strasbourg Business School's Bachelor's programme in International Affairs to spend half a day at EDF's Customer Relationship Center in Mulhouse.

On 8th October 2013, fifty-two second year students on the Bachelor's degree course in International Affairs were shown round EDF's Customer Relationship Center in Mulhouse. The half-day observation visit occurred within the framework of a partnership between EDF in Alsace, EM Strasbourg Business School and the French Association for Customer Relationships (AFRC), which organises a yearly customer relationship celebration. Between 4th and 12th October, 37 of EDF's Customer Relationship Centers across France opened their doors to employees and their relatives, students, customer associations, local MPs and journalists.

EDF devised a specifically tailored visit programme for young people intending to pursue sales and marketing careers. The aim was to help them to:
- understand the corporation and the challenges it faces (company presentation, market structure, client segmentation and customer relationship management),
- familiarise with the way a Customer Relationship Center is run (in the presence of the telephone platform manager for the Mulhouse team, participants visited the platform, met with call center employees and learnt about the specificities of managerial positions),
- discover about the various job positions available in a sales division at EDF (through five testimonies by EDF employees, participants exchanged information on the diversity of job positions and career tracks on offer within EDF Group).

The Mulhouse Customer Relationship Center is one among the 40 CRCs across France that handle the 30 million yearly calls from EDF's 26 milllion individual customers. It is open from Mondays through to Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 6 :30 p.m., and it boasts a 100-strong staff, among whom 78 call center operators. Numerous workstations are adapted to people with disabilities.

This training initiative is part of the cooperation agreement for sustainable development, which was first entered into by the Alsace region and EDF group in November 2008 and subsequently renewed for a three-year period starting from the beginning of 2012. EDF Group in Alsace assists Alsatian schools and universities - such as Strasbourg Insa, Engees, EM Strasbourg Business School, the Strasbourg University Foundation and the Haute-Alsace University Foundation - by bringing about technological cooperations, organising practitioners' conferences and supporting educational projects.

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