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Consumption Experience: How Do Companies Orchestrate their Customers' Experiences?

Publié le March 19, 2012, Mis à jour le June 26, 2014

What is the common point between visiting an Ikea store, buying cosmetics from a Body Shop outlet, savouring macarons at Ladurée's or journeying on an ID-TGV train? Such are examples of « consumption experiences », i.e. interactions between an individual and a brand or a product in a given situation, as EM Strasbourg Business School Associate Professor Claire Roederer explains in her latest book entitled Marketing et consommation expérientiels (Experiential Marketing and Consumption) and published by EMS Publishers in 2012.

Some companies are extremely successful in creating life experiences that are highly sought after by their customers. But how much do we know about exactly what goes on in customers' minds as they go through those experiences? To what extent can a better understanding of customer experience allow to optimise an experiential marketing strategy? Experiential Marketing and Consumption was specifically written with a view to answering such questions. In effect, the book's main purpose is to conceptualise experience from the consumer's standpoint so as to put forth some levers for action that companies can tap into to differentiate themselves.

Marketing and Consumption is a book intended for brand managers wishing to develop commercial competitive advantages by delving into the complexities of their customers' experience. It provides management grids based on four basic dimensions which have been validated by empirical evidence and are constitutive of all types of experience. Claire Roederer's book is also geared towards Marketing students eager to come to grips with the experiential approach and how it can best be implemented.

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