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Bucharest, a city in full development

Publié le February 27, 2020, Mis à jour le February 27, 2020

Lucie Kaszuba, originally from the South of France, joined EM Strasbourg after completing post-secondary foundation classes in economics and business (technological track). After spending a year in the Alsatian capital, she decided to go on exchange to Bucharest to complete her second year of Programme Grande Ecole.

Lucie Kaszuba

Lucie Kaszuba

To choose one destination is to miss out on many others

In her southern melodious accent, Lucie confesses that her first choice of destination was not Romania, but Canada. Bucharest may have come in second place but it has no shortage of assets. "Romania is a country in full development that recently joined the European Union, in 2007," she explains. Today, she does not regret her choice in any way, even if she admits that she had some prejudices before arriving. This country turned out to be the perfect destination to improve one's English. "Here, they all speak English well and are strong in languages in general."

The curiosity and adaptability to discover a new culture

After a long drive, Lucie set foot in the Romanian capital a month before the start of the academic year. She was able to discover the campus and the country thanks to the many associations that organize visits and events. She found herself on a very large university campus—one that is on a completely different scale than EM Strasbourg. "I don't meet many Erasmus students and rarely see the same person twice."

The major distinctive feature of student life in Bucharest is the pace. Classes only take place in the evenings between 4:30 p.m. and 9:00 pm or between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. "Most students are employed during the day. They balance work and student life," she explains. This aspect appeals to Lucie. "The professional experience of my classmates allows them to bring a lot to the course. It's a real asset," she says.

The relationship with lecturers is very different too. "The lecturers are very understanding and, in exchange, the students are very serious. They work independently and start group work well ahead of time," she adds. Well-founded and mutual trust exists between the two parties. The pedagogy also differs with courses being more focused on group reflection and exchange.

Life offers surprises at every turn, especially when travelling

Upon arriving in Romania, Lucie was struck by the kindness of the locals and their community spirit. The cost of living also appealed to the young student. "Prices in Romania are quite low. It's great for student budgets," she states with a smile. Today, Lucie is feeling very fulfilled in her host country. She can imagine herself starting her professional career there. "We mustn’t let any prejudices we may have against Romania get in the way. Visiting this country can change the way we see it. For a weekend or a longer stay, Romania has a lot to offer, that's for sure."

Everyday life: accommodations in Bucharest

For a new furnished two-person apartment measuring forty-six square meters in the center of Bucharest, Lucie pays a rent of 640 euros.

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