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Bolivia Humanitarian Mission | The 2015 Flagship Project Run by the Student Charity Society at EM Strasbourg Business School

Publié le April 23, 2015, Mis à jour le January 13, 2016

Pauline and Roxane, two active members of BDH - the School’s student charity society - took our questions about their society’s flagship project for 2015. | Read more.

How would you describe EM Strasbourg Business School’s student charity society in one sentence ?

Pauline – BDH is a student society whose mission is to carry through a humanitarian project and to raise the necessary funds for it.
Roxane – BDH is a big-hearted student society at EM Strasbourg Business School.

Why did you choose to join BDH ?

Pauline – I had thought about getting involved in charity work for many years, and I finally did it this year by joining BDH. We in Western societies live in privileged conditions compared to other world populations, and I believe it is our duty to help them and provide them with what they need.
Roxane – I chose to join BDH in order to be fortunate enough to participate in a full immersion project overseas by undertaking a one-month humanitarian assignment on site.

What is your role within BDH ?

– I am a member of the Finance Unit, and I am co-responsible for fundraising and in charge of canvassing businesses.
Roxane – I am also working in the Finance Unit, where I am also co-responsible for fundraising and in charge of canvassing businesses.

In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, BDH ran projects in Togo. What is your flagship project for 2015 ?

Roxane – Two major projects are in the pipeline for 2015. The first one involves restoring and rehabilitating the Maria Crista orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The second one consists in providing on-site care and assistance to the children by means of art therapy, i.e. artistic practice designed to offer moral support and encourage self-growth.

Why did you choose Bolivia ?

– It is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. In Bolivia, orphanages are under-funded since they are often forgotten about. Our project is interesting because we are working in partnership with a serious association.

Can you tell us more about your partner association ?

– We entered a partnership with Life Time Project, a local association formed in Schiltigheim in 2014, which runs a varied range of charity programmes both locally and overseas. What is interesting is that one of their teams is operating in Bolivia, and they provide us with the necessary background to the project, including knowledge of the local situation and technical conditions. Our goal is to collect the necessary funds to carry the project through.

How is your project financed ?

– We organise a series of events throughout the year: our « BDH Breakfasts », which are held on the School premises every Monday, a tombola event and two student nights. We also benefit from institutional subsidies from the city and local authorities as well as corporate donations. However, crowdfunding on ulule.com is definitely our hallmark.

Can you say a few words about crowdfunding ?

– We opted for a secure, user-friendly and reputable web site. Then we clearly explained our project and set compensation levels based on the donated amounts. Our objective is to gather sufficient funding for the renovating works and for the art supplies.

How successful has your crowdfunding campaign been so far ?

Roxane – It has been a great success. Our initial objective was to raise €650. We are not even halfway through the campaign, and we have already achieved 106% of our set target, i.e. €690.

Pauline – The call for donations will close on 15th February, and our reviewed target is to achieve 200% of the previously set sum in order to cover some of the painting costs, which have been estimated to reach €2,300.

You too can contribute to our BDH project in Bolivia.
Find out about all the details of our project at : http://fr.ulule.com/bdhem-bolivie/

Contact :
Morgiane Hannouf
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