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A New Alumni Chairperson for EM Strasbourg Business School

Publié le March 11, 2013, Mis à jour le June 20, 2014

EM Strasbourg Alumni, the alumni association for EM Strasbourg Business School graduates, elected Mr Rodolphe Mathus as Chair on 6th February 2013. The new Chairman takes over from Jacque Ruh, a 1974 graduate and former Vice-President of Mars Europe, who was the first Chairman to preside over the alumni association resulting from the merger between the IAE Alumni Association and IECS Network.

It is now Rodolphe Mathus's turn to bring his expertise to the 15,000-member strong network of EM Strasbourg alumni. Forty-six-year-old Rodolphe Mathus was elected as Chair on 6th February 2013. He has an extensive 22-year background as Managing Director of industrial SMEs as well as Business Unit Manager in multinational groups. He is currently the Founding Manager of Eleate Consult, a Strasbourg-based consultancy, and as such, he provides companies with guidance and assistance on strategic and operational decisions while also operating as Transition Manager. Rodolphe Mathus, who is widely active on social networks, is a graduate from the post-graduate Master's in Entrepreneurship in SMEs on offer at EM Strasbourg Business School, where he teaches Strategic Analysis as an adjunct professor.

The new chairman has committed to pursuing and consolidating all the actions undertaken by Jacques Ruh, his predecessor and first Alumni Chairman following the merger between IAE and IECS Network. Under his chairmanship, the association will continue to participate in all the school's projects with a view to creating further links between EM Strasbourg Business School's components, alumni members and partners. The ultimate goal is to enhance the association's attractiveness and visibility and to ensure better clarity for members.

The core project of the new alumni office is focused on several objectives including:
  • a fully-qualified member database;
  • a new web site;
  • provision of services and guidance for graduates;
  • entrepreneurship promotion thanks to the creation of a dedicated support team for members and students leading business-creation or acquisition projects;
  • the set-up of a French-German project team tasked with strengthening links between members and companies on both sides of the Rhine.

A renewed board at the helm of EM Strasbourg Alumni

The new board is composed of Valérie Ly Van Manh (Vice-Chair, 1995 graduate), Claude Karli (Treasurer, 1975 graduate) and Virginie Billy, (General Secretary, 2012 graduate).

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