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A National First! EM Strasbourg Business School Awarded AFNOR's Diversity Label

Publié le May 14, 2012, Mis à jour le June 26, 2014

EM Strasbourg Business School is proud to announce that it has been awarded AFNOR's Diversity Label for a period of four years. The School is the first higher education public institution to have obtained the Diversity Label. In addition, the School has now become the 100th member of AFMD, the French Association of Diversity Managers. This clearly reflects the consistent efforts it has undertaken to fight against all forms of discrimination in an academic environment, to promote equal opportunities for all and to implement a diversity policy across the board. Such efforts stem from a genuine intention to enhance a value that has become essential in the workplace, particularly for managers. An upcoming conference entitled « Equal Pay for Equal Work : Taking Stock, 40 years later will provide a new opportunity to take further steps to foster diversity at EM Strasbourg Business School (the conference has been scheduled on 31st May).

The first higher education public institution in France to be awarded AFNOR's Diversity Label:

EM Strasbourg Business School is the first higher education public institution in France to have obtained the label. This national first is a token of the commitment of the School together with all its stakeholders (administrative staff, faculty and students) to the diversity management approach. The AFNOR label comes as a reward for a strong focus dating back to 2006, which saw the launch of the « Tutoring for Excellence Initiative » (geared towards deserving high-school students from underprivileged areas). The momentum for the diversity agenda was then stepped up with the arrival of a new management team in 2008.

Following the issuance of specifications for public services in 2010, it was decided that the School would apply for the label awarded by AFNOR. To this aim, the School was assisted by consultancy firm Diversalis. From the onset of the label-award process, a survey of the diversity practices at EM Strasbourg Business School was entrusted to EM Strasbourg PhD student and Diversity Project Manager Sabrina Pérugien with a view to taking stock of the existing situation. The study specifically allowed to think up possible measures to put in place so as to « live well together ». It is the combination of all such initiatives that led to the School being awarded the Diversity Label for a period of 4 years.

Diversity is an incontrovertible value in an increasingly globalised workplace where respect for others and their differences must lie at the core of managerial practices. EM Strasbourg is intent on upholding this value in its syllabi and research activities as well as in the various corporate partnerships it has developed over the course of many years.

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