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40th PHARE Conference Themed: « And What If Climate Change Could Lift Us Out of the Crisis?* « The Energy Transition: Global Stakes and Local Responses »

Publié le September 12, 2012, Mis à jour le June 24, 2014

To start the new academic year, EM Strasbourg Business School is organising its 40th PHARE Conference on Thursday 27th September 2012 at 6:30 p.m. The conference will focus on the energy transition as a means to recover from the crisis.

According to Pia Imbs, EM Strasbourg Associate Professor and Head of the Executive MBA on Sustainable Development and CSR, who is coordinating the conference, « the climate crisis has left the public arena; however, we must more than ever strive to achieve new growth patterns that incorporate CO2 emission reduction targets while fostering research and innovation ».

The guest experts (**) will discuss major issues such as follows:
  • Green growth policies require that the new energy challenges be first identified so as to fully grasp the principles for corporate action in the new energy transition context. This entails a careful assessment of our energy dependence.
  • Does the progress achieved thus far in terms of energy savings and renewable energy use offset the decline in fossil energy output ? How can companies get ready to shift to a cleaner energy mix ? What costs would be incurred ?
  • A spotlight on Alsace will allow to single out the objectives and conditions for success of the Regional Climate, Air Quality and Energy plan.

The debate will be followed by a Question and Answer session and a cocktail reception.

*This is the title of a book co-written by guest expert Pr De Perthuis, who will hold a signing session after the conference (on-site book sale, €18).

** Pr Christian De Perthuis, head of the Climate Economy Chair, Paris-Dauphine University ; Yves Giraud, Production Economy and Industrial Strategy Manager with French utility EDF ; Monique Jung, Vice-president of the Regional Council of Alsace.

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