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38th PHARE Conference to Take Place on Tuesday 27th March: What Challenges for Purchasing Performance?

Publié le March 27, 2012, Mis à jour le June 26, 2014

The event follows PHARE conferences' grand tradition of building bridges between academic research and corporrate practices and will be emceed by adjunct Associate Professor Laurence VIALE will.

Introductory conference: > Dr Hugues Poissonnier, Teacher-Researcher, Head of Research at the Grenoble Institute for Research and Innovation in Purchasing Management

New Performance Management Tools to Fit the Growing Maturity of Purchasing

Round table

  • Laurence Viale, Teacher-Researcher at EM Strasbourg Business School, Head of the executive post-graduate Master's degree in Management and Enterprise Administration, will moderate discussions between:
  • Nathalie Cuny- Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Paul Heumann Company
  • Patrick Dancourt - Purchasing Manager for Europe, Steelcase
  • Bruno Koebel - Head of the Purchasing and Public Procurement Department for the City and Urban Community of Strasbourg
  • Nicolas Kourim - Managing Director, Big Fish
  • Jean-Paul Lorch - Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager, Jus de fruits d'Alsace, former Eckes Granini
  • Jean-Sébastien Pietri - Head of Public Procurement - Finance and Public Procurement Directorate, Bas-Rhin Regional Council
  • Raymonde Sauerwald - Purchasing Manager, Transgene - Chair of the Alsace branch of the French Managers and Buyers Associaton (CDAF)

The round table will be followed by exchanges with the audience.

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