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New Book Release by Thierry Nobre: « Managerial Innovation in Hospitals »

Publié le January 21, 2014, Mis à jour le January 13, 2016

After a first book on hospital ward organisation and management, EM Strasbourg Business School's Humanis Research Laboratory Director Thierry Nobre has released a new book entitled « Managerial Innovation in Hospitals � 14 Implementation Cases ».

Thierry Nobre

Thierry Nobre

Hospitals are undergoing sea changes as a result of the new laws (« Hospitals, Patients, Health, Territories », 2009 and « New Hospital Governance », 2005) that have reshaped healthcare institutions' strategic steering systems, internal organisation and financing. Faced with this new context, Management Science Professor Thierry Nobre, who is Head of the Executive MBA in Hospital Management at EM Strasbourg Business School, decided to focus on managerial innovations in order to better understand and facilitate managerial revamping while ensuring that hospitals continue to fulfil their traditional missions. Written under Thierry Nobre's supervision and published by Dunod at the end of 2013 as part of the Social Health collection, « Managerial Innovation in Hospitals – 14 Implementation Cases » gathers contributions by practitioners who investigate managerial innovations in hospital-led projects. Each chapter is wrapped up with a methodological sheet offering some absolute dos-and-don'ts recommendations for those wishing to conduct similar innovative projects.

For further information:
- check the Executive MBA in Hospital Management leaflet,
- visit the Humanis Research Laboratory web site,
- find out about Thierry Nobre's book on hospital ward management.

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