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Team Academy: Action-teaching for Would-be Student Entrepreneurs

Publié le December 15, 2010, Mis à jour le July 13, 2017

In September 2011, EM Strasbourg Business School will launch a Young Entrepreneur University Degree programme inspired by the Team Academy school of entrepreneurs created in 1993 by the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, in Central Finland.

The Team Academy teaching approach is based on action-learning, team work as well as leadership enhancement. Training relies on coaches - instead of lecturers -, on learning contracts - instead of a syllabus - and on entrepreneur teams - instead of students. On joining the school, students are required to operate as team entrepreneurs and to set up real businesses. Throughout their studies, they learn by creating projects in partnership with companies, which allows them to take on real responsibilities. Such teaching tenets provide students with an effective opportunity to develop their self-learning ability, strong social values as well as their capacity to innovate and manage change.

> Fostering Enterprise Creation
EM Strasbourg's Team Academy programme, which is geared towards students holding a school-leaving certificate or a two-year university degree, benefits from support from the network of foreign universities currently using this teaching approach. The three-year programme developed by EM Strasbourg Business School comes as an answer to growing demand from young people wishing to participate in enterprise creation. After completion of the programme, students will be equipped with the right knowledge, tools, experience, contacts and attitudes to set up their own businesses or take on high-level managerial roles.

> Entrepreneurship Learning
EM Strasbourg's Team Academy programme is particularly suited for students who are eager to take initiative - or who wish to try out alternative learning strategies based on their own specific needs - by designing and running real team projects for real customers. Crucial requirements for successful completion of the course include a high level of maturity, the need to stray away from one's comfort zone, to meet different people, to stretch one's limits and to achieve quality work.

For EM Strasbourg Dean Michel Kalika, this is an exceptional project inasmuch as it has generated strong enthusiasm among partner companies and students alike.

Olga Bourachnikova, who is in charge of piloting the project within EM Strasbourg, is convinced that the alternative pedagogy underlying the Young Entrepreneur programme is an extraordinary driver for vitality, dynamism and creativity.

  • For further details, please contact: olga.bourachnikova@em-strasbourg.eu

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