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EM Strasbourg Business School Has Launched an Observatory on the Strasbourg Christmas Market

Publié le December 18, 2010, Mis à jour le July 13, 2017

Academic research at EM Strasbourg Business School did not come to a halt over the Christmas period! In fact researchers at the HuManiS research laboratory (EA 1347) have just launched an Observatory on the Strasbourg Christmas Market.

Our objective is primarily an academic one, EM Strasbourg Dean Michel Kalika stated on the occasion.

At EM Strasbourg Business School, Marketing courses are nurtured by corporate practices and high-level academic research. The internationally-renowned Strasbourg Christmas Market draws several million visitors each year, thus providing a rare opportunity to collect data and to test models on a large scale.

Against the backdrop of discussions on the event's genuineness, researchers are making use of internationally-validated measuring scales in order to accurately investigate visitor perception. Dr Claire Roederer, who is piloting the current project and has already studied consumer behaviour during the Strasbourg Christmas market, has seen the observatory as an opportunity not only to publish at an international level but also to provide some useful insights to actors and policy-makers operating in the School's environment.

  • For further details, please contact: claire.roderer@em-strasbourg.eu

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