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EM Strasbourg Business School Has Been Awarded Qualicert Certification

Publié le June 11, 2010, Mis à jour le July 13, 2017

At the end of May 2010, EM Strasbourg Business School obtained Qualicert service certification under the requirements for University training and research activities in the field of Management Sciences. This certification enhances EM Strasbourg Business School's position on the highly competitive market of Management Science education.

EM Strasbourg, which is the business school of Strasbourg University, is the only Grande Ecole business school that belongs to both the Grande Ecole Conference and the IAE Network. In 2004, the latter created the Service Certification Requirements, a novel tool including some fifty criteria to evaluate university programmes in Management. Qualicert certification guarantees the quality of IAE institutes in terms of their commitments to students, partners and companies as well as to their supervisory authorities.

The Service Certification Requirements attest to the quality of the services provided by EM Strasbourg Business School. They specifically highlight:
  • the added value generated by the training programmes,
  • the quality of training and research,
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of its administrative organisation,
  • performance in terms of corporate partnerships,
  • the development of international links.

Dean Michel Kalika observed that With this new certification, which follows on the heels of EPAS certification in 2009, EM Strasbourg Business School provides evidence of the dynamics created by its two-pronged strategy of both qualitative and quantitative growth. For management schools and companies alike, quality approaches involve constraining and costly processes, but to be frank, such audits are key to progress as they give us the ability to have an external view on our organization.

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