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International Conference : Israël - A Start-up nation ?

Publié le 3 novembre 2016, Mis à jour le 4 novembre 2016

Date(s) : 08 novembre
Horaire(s) : 18H00 - 19H30

Dr. Daniel Rouach, university professor and author of several books on economy (technological transfer and innovation) is the founder of GTI Lab (Technology and Innovation Group), a research centre founded in 1997 and active in 3 main fields: International Management of Technology Transfer, Competitive Intelligence, Technology Clusters and Technology Innovation.

Photo Daniel Rouach

Photo Daniel Rouach

Moreover Dr. Roach is the President of the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce&Industry and editing director of, an online bulletin specialized in economy, high-tech, security, military industry and finance. The conference will focus on the potentials and opportunities of the Israeli market, concentrating on the growth sectors in Israel, the Israeli ecosystem of innovation and the strategic areas of development in Israel (i.e. infrastructure, tourism, innovation ...).

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